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Welcome to Dream Auto Rental, where sophistication meets sheer power with the Lamborghini Urus Black Edition. Elevate your driving experience to unprecedented levels with this extraordinary luxury SUV.

Introducing the Lamborghini Urus Black Edition – a pinnacle of performance and style. This limited-edition SUV boasts a commanding presence on the road, thanks to its sleek black exterior and the unmistakable Lamborghini design. With a roaring V8 engine under the hood, the Urus Black Edition delivers an exhilarating driving experience that sets new standards in the world of luxury SUVs.

At Dream Auto Rental, we go beyond conventional car rentals to offer a unique and unforgettable experience. The Lamborghini Urus Black Edition symbolizes our commitment to providing the zenith of automotive excellence, ensuring each moment behind the wheel is a celebration of speed, elegance, and exclusivity.

Indulge in the extraordinary with the Lamborghini Urus Black Edition. Contact us today to reserve this limited-edition luxury SUV and embark on a journey where every drive is a statement of sophistication. Dream Auto Rental – where dreams come to life on the road, and every adventure is a masterpiece.

V12 6.5l


Top Speed:
189 mph

Steering Type :
Power assisted (Electric)

Fuel consumption:
14mpg City / 19mpg Highway

8 speed automatic

0-60 mph:

Seating Capacity:

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